Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Productivity in the Mobile Workplace

Whether you believe these figures or not, they do give an indication of the cost savings that can be achieved. Personally I prefer to look at the unquantifiable extra business that can be obtained due to less downtime and inactivity.

Another study I lifted from the same brochure quoted that the Giga Information Group estimated that by 2004 nearly half of the average organisation's workforce will be mobile at least some of the time. With workers spending more of their time on the move, mobile solutions have become essential business tools.

Again take the findings with a pinch of salt but do examine how often your own workforce is out of the office and requires access to resources. No matter what the size of your organisation be it 50 or 10,000 employees, Microsoft and their partners has now released a range of mobility solutions that will help your company move forward in the area of cost savings, efficiency and security without compromising ease of use.

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Ben Chai is a Microsoft and Novell Certified Engineer. He is an author and been the editor for various magazines such as Windows Explorer and Enterprise Server Magazine.