Email makes you fat

Email is contributing to obesity amongst UK workers and for once spam is not to blame.

Rather than burning of a few precious calories by walking across the office to discuss with Marion in accounts the latest sordid events involving the boss on the office night out, we are instead letting our fingers do the talking, with email now the medium of choice amongst gossip professionals. Unfortunately, whilst email may be quicker it is doing little for our waistlines.

As a result, Sport England is encouraging workers to join "Email-Free Friday" and is urging companies to ban internal emails. Apparently, upping activity levels by 10 per cent could save 6,000 lives and the country £500m a year.

We'd like to do our bit by encouraging you not to add your comments at the bottom of this post but instead suggest you save them until lunchtime, when you can get some exercise by nipping down to the pub to discuss email's contribution to the nation's growing obesity crisis over a pint of ..... diet coke.