Kevin Mitnick, the superhacker

I was mildly amused to see ZDNet running a lead news item today about how Kevin Mitnick, the notorious superhacker, thinks there's a new breed of hackers around these days.

Am I alone in thinking that this is stating the obvious? Every five years or so a new crop of IT teachers and kids pass through school and/or university with the sure-fire knowledge that they know a lot more than their peers did five years earlier.

Yours truly emerged (if that's the right word) as a so-called computer expert two decades ago (and that's a looooong time ago in our young IT industry, folks) only to get arrested along with Robert Schifreen and charged as the UK's first computer hackers.

It took BT four years and almost two million pounds to realise they were on a hiding to nothing. So they changed the law, introducing the Computer Misuse Act and Robert and myself got off.

When asked by the Guardian in 1990 about what I thought about the then current crop of hackers, I said that they were changing.

Which is pretty much what Kevin M. is saying, 16 years later...