Sony getting in a pickle over CD protection

SonyBMG is getting into music listener's bad books in the US over its decision to include digital rights management (DRM) technology on some of its latest CDs.

Customers who save their latest Sony CD music to PC, for whatever reason, were dismayed last week to discover that the latest CDs also install a whole load of DRM software as well.

Sony has been fighting a rearguard defence ever since its actions were rumbled by alert CD users, but now the company is reported to have teamed up with First4Internet to release an almost completely updated set of DRM software.

The update, if P2Pnet is to be believed, removes the cloaking technology that upset so many CD listeners.

"Okay - the DRM technology's still there guys, but we're being more open about it now."

Nice one Sony - if I download music illegally, I'm breaking the law and might get some crap on my hard drive that does things. If I buy a CD legitimately, however, I will definitely get some crap on my hard

disk that does things.

Nice going - not...