More on BitTorrent security

Further to my posting earlier in the week about BitTorrent and how the BSA is tracking users , I was intrigued to see a Hong Kong man, calling himself Big Crook (is that asking for it or what?) has been jailed for three months sharing files.

As I reported the other day, I'm now using Easynews for my US TV program downloads, but a pal of mine in Manchester has pointed out that it's perfectly possible for your ISP to track what you're downloading from Easynews and grass you up to the relevant authorities.

Which is why Easynews has launched an SSL version of its user interface .

The SSL access secures the transmissions from the Easynews servers right through to your local Web browser and, whilst it is possible - in theory - for an ISP to crack the SSL data stream, it's highly unlikely that anyone would go to such lengths unless real criminality is involved.

Good old Easynews. As well as making life easier for Usenetters old and new, the developers of the system seem to have pre-empted the possibility that downloads will be snooped upon.

Nice one!