Dongles - Aladdin hits 20 years old

You've probably never heard of Aladdin Knowledge Systems, the company behind the HASP PC dongle system.

Despite this, the company has just announced its 20th anniversary in the authentication/security marketplace, and the fact that it has sold more than 30 million of its dongles.

It doesn't sell the dongles to end users, but to software houses and other interested users. You then have to plug the HASP gizmo into a port on your PC/Apple Mac to run the HASP protected software.

The idea is that, if you buy a seriously expensive bit of software, like Quark (for desktop publishing, not the ugly geezer on Star Trek:DS9) you can't do anything naughty like give your mate a copy.

Now, I may be stupid, but if Aladdin has sold 30 million of its dongles, then how come sites like Woodmann's exist?