One Weasel Less

The Daily Telegraph reports that a computer obsessive nicknamed Weaselboy was jailed for six years yesterday for an elaborate internet scam that earned him more than £1.5 million.

23 year old, Peter Francis-Macrae boasted that he could bring the country's economy to its knees by crashing computer systems.

He also threatened to kill police and trading standards officers when they began investigating the online rackets he had run for five years and which, at times, brought in £200,000 a week.

At Peterborough Crown Court yesterday he was jailed after being found guilty of two charges of fraudulent trading, two of threatening to kill, one of blackmail, one of money laundering and one of criminal damage.

The jury had heard that, since the age of 18, Francis-Macrae had tricked thousands in e-mail and other internet scams, operating Ultra Technologies Ltd from his bedroom in a modest, terrace house.