Polish PCs - AV/firewall software mandatory

Just back from a flying visit to Poland and was well impressed with a couple of PC shops I visited while `her indoors' was busy shopping.

It seems that almost all PCs sold in Poland now come equipped with free PAYG (dial-up modem) access to the Internet (broadband and ISDN are other options) And, as part of the pre-installation package, the PCs also come with a healthy selection of free anti-virus and firewall software ready to roll.

Chatting with the dealers concerned reveals that Polish PC users are quite savvy when it comes to security and have been less than impressed with 90-day trial versions of Norton or Symantec's IT security software you get here in the UK.

Free-to-use packages such as Grisoft's AVG and good old ZoneAlarm are very popular with Polish Internet users, so the dealers are responding to the demands of their customers, rather than the vendors.

I'm impressed. I doubt whether the marketing supremos at Symantec and other pay-for IT security firms will be though...