Sober worm - watch out!

Well, it had to happen - even with some of the most comprehensive IT security systems and software in place on my network, I got hit by the Sober worm this morning.

My copy of Zonealarm Pro spotted the worm on its routine scan, and I think the infection came in from an industry colleague in the Far East, but even so!

F-Secure and a number of other IT security firms raised the alarm bells last night about multiple variants of this nasty little worm, which seems capable of snicking past most memory-based protection systems and infecting a PC user's registry.

I've run Symantec's Sober removal tool on my machine, so I think I'm in the clear, but if it can get me, I figure it can infect your PC too, even with Lord knows how much AV etc., software on it.

Watch out - there's a sober worm about :(