Mozilla Firefox 1.5 : Upping the Ante before IE 7

When it comes to information security, many would agree that we, the users, are often to blame, but browsers also play their role in a fair share of attacks. This brings us to Tuesday's release of

Mozilla Firefox browser, version 1.5.

You are strongly encouraged to have a go at this alternative browser. Mozilla Firefox is the second most popular browser after Internet Explorer and currently commands a market share of nearly 12% and the latest version is bound to increase this even more.

While improvements are numerous, they do include a fair share of bug fixes and security enhancements - which prompts me to say that even open source software, despite the views of some, is not always safer than proprietary.

Even with the release, Microsoft's Internet Explorer won't lose its grip that soon on the browser market. Firefox still has its quirks and habits. Hardcore surfers will love it while mainstream users will probably stick to what they have.

The lead in features that Mozilla and other browsers have enjoyed over Internet Explorer is also set to diminish as Redmond's software giant prepares the version 7.0 of its browser. It is already in beta and will bring onboard some killer functions that were available only through add-ons like Netcaptor or Maxthon.

As a footnote, it is quite strange that there seems to be only one English review of the Firefox 1.5 (not the Release Candidate) on the Internet – at the time of writing. Most if not all of the other "false lead" reviews that you'll find on search engines will point to one PC Magazine review.