Visa Delta or MasterCard debit?

Just when you've got used to Maestro taking over from Switch as the debit card brand of choice for HSBC, NatWest and a cluster of other banks, it looks like a further rebrand is coming.

Banks in Australia have teamed up with MasterCard to launch the region's first MasterCard branded debit cards.

They will run in parallel with the Maestro brand, but the longer term aim is, I gather, to replace Maestro with the as-yet unnamed MasterCard debit cards.

The reason, it seems, is that Maestro cards are an electronic card, rather like Visa Electron. Unlike Visa Delta, the main Visa debit card brand, you can't normally use a Maestro card in an offline transaction, namely one using a paper voucher.

Or can you? I remember using my Switch card at a petrol station on the M6 a few years ago when their terminals had broken down. The card was put through a backup paper voucher system. The transaction, I seem to remember, took weeks to clear to my bank account...