Desktop Linux Survey yields surprising results

I don't know about you but I love going through a whole set of data and getting something useful out of it. That's exactly what members of the Open Source Development Labs have done after they got 3300 user responses to their annual Desktop Linux Survey, which was conducted online in October this year.

The emphasis for the survey was on the underlying reasons for and against Linux adoption. Results will probably be used to draft a gigantic SWOT analysis and used to help place targets on Linux's roadmap.

In reality, it seems that the baser instincts of human nature rather than rational decisions might be driving some Linux adoptions.

The fact that competitors have successfully deployed the OS is reason number two given for enterprise-wide adoption of Linux desktop.

Forget about TCO, security, license fees and costs; what really pushes some companies to adopt Linux it seems is really envy and jealousy. "My Linux base is bigger than yours, nah nah nah"; talk about being sensible!

The first reason given for Linux adoption is employees' demand for the operating system. This proves that not everyone working in cubicles ignores the intrinsic advantages of Linux. This is not what paid-for research papers usually print when they talk about the small penguin.

The research, which lasted a whole month, also included some essay-like Q&As which will give even more information about how Linux deployment is carried out inside an organisation and help Linux on the desktop improve its low market share.

The whole report, in PDF, is available for download on the OSDL website.