Trying Wireless - the wrong way

Like many, I have got down and dirty with wireless. I purchased a USB Wireless dongle for my main computer and a PCMCIA Wireless card for my laptop in a bid to create a two computer ad-hoc network.

I went for a pair from the same company. The bundle was cheap, but so was the wired network it was supposed to replace.

The result was below my expectations to say the least. I have been used to the reliability and the performance of a cable network over the past few months.

To cut a long story short, while my computer and laptop's operating systems are both Windows XP, the number of tweaks, errors and mishaps left me with the clear impression that wireless technology, at least from a user experience, is still in its infancy.

For example, security is still offered as an option, which can be too easily ignored by neophytes. Likewise, even devices from the same company - like in my setup - carried different software solutions and proved to be initially incompatible with each other. I can only imagine, what the situation would have been like if I had used devices from different companies.

As for performance, well, I was sorely disappointed. With the growing number of Wifi users, you can expect more horror stories to crop up.

I long for the day of a real "plug and play" wireless user experience rather than the kind of "plug and pray" that forced me to resurrect my wired network and abandon, at least temporarily, the idea of setting up a wireless network.