Brown's nominee on Intellectual Property committee a real challenge

To paraphrase old Yoda, bemused I was, when I read that the UK government had ordered a review of Intellectual Property (IP) rights.

Gordon Brown announced that this independent review will be headed by Andrew Gowers, the one-week former editor of Financial Times, who was famous for clashing with the FT's publishing parent, Pearson Publishing. Gowers is quoted as saying that the days of the print industry are numbered, so here is one individual who is clearly prepared to speak his mind.

His appointment comes as the British government plans to shake the UK's increasingly lethargic economy and get it ready to tackle the challenges of an uncertain global future.

The review committee will be able to operate virtually free from any shackles. Combine this with the fact that it is headed by Andrew Gowers and you get the necessary ingredients for an interesting debate. As far as IP is concerned the UK is not the US, where media lobby groups such as the MPAA and the RIAA have very powerful allies in government.

It seems that UK government, at least in issues outside of Iraq, is more attentive to what people say and, hopefully, any overhaul of the IP system will help remove the grey areas that exist under the current system.