Voice over Internet Protocol – Ripe for a move

For some strange reason, I found myself looking at the IP-06 website and for some even stranger reason, I couldn't get myself to dissociate IP from the words "Internet Phone", when it really means “Internet Protocol”. We should actually speak of Voice Over Internet Protocol.

For those of you who were dabbling with Internet telephony during the last Internet boom, you will probably remember how the likes of Net2phone and Dialpad were promising to bring free telephone calls to the world, well before Skype, but failed the hype and were readily dumped by the public. Both of these now record around 300 downloads on Download.com compared to Skype's 18000.

Internet Telephony is here to stay thanks to Skype and US-based Vonage, as well as broadband service providers all around the world. A growing number of businesses are now considering this technology as something reliable enough to replace what is essentially the main communication route of any company - its telephone system.

Going from analogue and/or proprietary technology to VoIP-based telephony is not without pains but the flexibility and cost reduction that is associated with it are worth the investment, whether you are a business or an individual.

With services like Vonage's £9.99 unlimited calls or Wanadoo's Wireless and Talk, you can slash your communication costs drastically. Better still, VoIP compatible handsets cost a little more than a tenner and you often get a number that you can use for life as well as a number of services that aren't available on traditional landlines.

Have a go at it and believe me you won't look back.