It's all legit software guv

Immensely amusing to hear that eBay is `working' with Microsoft on stamping out pirate software sales on the Bay auction site.

I mean - come on eBay. The auction site appears to be riddled with people selling counterfeit software. I know, 'cos I was looking for a copy of Adobe Photoshop last month and was amazed at some of the prices (down to a tenner) and the caveats (no manual, only the disk supplied etc.).

I was in John Lewis last night, who are selling copies of Adobe Creative Suite 2, the fully monty version of Photoshop, for £179.00 - you'd be struggling to find CS2 for more than £30.00 or so on eBay.

Frankly, it's difficult to see how eBay can control software sales on its auction site. Unless the auction site works very closely with Microsoft and the other software vendors on ensuring all software sold is legitimate, it's going to be a pirate's paradise.

Microsoft claims its crackdown is working, with eBay having remove more than 11,000 suspected counterfeit items during August, a figure that fell to 4,000-odd during September and 5,000-odd during October.

eBay, meanwhile, says it does not monitor its Web site for fake goods, but it will remove copyright infringing items once they have been brought to its attention.

What a mess...