An extra portion of cheek on my pizza please

Spare a thought for Vegard Sjaastad, a pizza delivery person in Aalesund, Norway, who had his wallet nicked from his car on the Saturday.

When he helped a trainee driver deliver a pizza plus movie package on the Monday after, he was amazed to see the recipient paying by plastic - using Sjaastad's own card, nicked over the weekend!

According to to Sjaastad, who manages a Peppes Pizza restaurant, when he realised what was happening, he remained calm and told the man to enjoy his meal.

According to Norwegian news reports, the man who answered the door didn't appear to recognise Sjaastad from his photo, which is embossed (I never knew that -Ed) on all Norwegian Visa cards.

The Associated Press reports that, when police arrived half an hour late, they found three people, an empty pizza box and the film running in the VCR.

Sjaastad is quoted as saying he was pleased to get his card back and hoped, shortly to get the other stuff the thieves stole along with his driver's licence.

Talk about a coincidence...