German warez/BitTorrent servers confiscated

Police in the Bavarian town of Coburg, Germany, have confiscated no less than five servers with around six terabytes of movies, games and music on them. That's a shed load of movies and games.

The confiscations, which took place last week, are one of Germany's largest raids of their type.

What's interesting about the servers is that, although the movies and games were distributed via BitTorrent, users had to pay to gain access to the data.

According to the GVU, the German anti-piracy association, the servers had been operating on the Internet for around a year, during which time around 130 terabytes of illegal content had been offered.

What surprises yours truly is that the people behind the BitTorrent servers didn't use offshore systems to service their customers needs.

If they had have done - and I'm not condoning file sharing and warez downloads - the confiscation would probably not have been possible, although the arrests would probably still have taken place...