Samsung patents recalling drunken texts

Given that it’s Friday and the Christmas season is getting into full swing, no doubt a good number of you will be about drinking with friends and colleagues this evening.

Now if there is one harsh lesson that many of us have had to learn, it is that texting and drinking do not always make the happiest of bedfellows. Many a sticky situation will arise this Christmas from an SMS message mistakenly sent to the wrong person, be it boss or ex-partner, after a few too many babychams or lagers.

Well Korean technology giant Samsung could be the drunken texter’s salvation after being granted a patent for “deleting a sent short message stored in a receiver's mobile phone”.

In essence, the patent covers a method of sending a delete request to the message recipient’s phone that removes the message sent in error from the handset’s memory. Samsung says it will also be useful when someone is included by mistake in a group message.

According to Cellular News, who reported on the patent, the technology would not a complete get out of jail card, as once the message has been read, it can no longer be deleted.

So let’s hope by the time you sober up and realise your mistake it’s not too late.