Aussie Kazaa fans blocked from downloading

I notice that the Australian courts instructed Kazaa, the grand-daddy of the peer-to-peer filesharing companies, to stop downloads of its client software to anyone in Australia.

The court instruction to Sharman Networks, Kazaa's owner, which appears to be registered in Ozland, has resulted in downloads of the client software to Australian IP addresses being blocked.

The background to the download block is one of those incredibly complex legal battles, but it will be interesting to see how Sharman Networks will enforce the court's instructions, and what will happen when - inevitably - Aussie file sharers download the Kazaa client from third party and mirror Web sites outside of Australia.

It's also going to be interesting to see what happens for users of international ISPs such as America Online and Compuserve in Australia, as they can by-pass the download bar.

This is because AOL and CompuServe's dial-in networks all end up at IP ports in the US, where they are routed to the Internet.

I myself have used AOL in the past to circumvent those Web sites that only allow downloads of high level encryption software to US and Canadian IP addresses.

Oo-er, does this means I'll get a visit from the men in black?

I doubt it, although the post 9/11 environment may have changed things around as far as US law enforcement is concerned.

I also doubt that the Australian courts have even an inkling of how IP addresses work on the Internet or how easy it is for Aussie Internet users to proxy through to Sharman Networks' Web site via an international connection and download the Kazaa client...