Dell's reputation on the line?

Quite an interesting report just published by Market Sentinel, Onalytica and Immediate Future PR, which claims to show that all the blogs criticising Dell, the direct-sell PC vendor are denting the company's reputation.

Is this security? Yes it is, as I class anything that dents the reputation of a company and causes long-term damage, to be on the periphery of security.

Anyway, it's a good yarn.

The white paper concludes that Dell has sustained long-term damage to its brand image because of customer criticism over its after-sales service. The paper also notes that the cheerleaders for the poor reputation of Dell's customer services have been bloggers.

"Bloggers have extended their influence from dominating negative perceptions of Dell to dominating perceptions of Dell's entire reputation in the customer services area," says Flemming Madsen from Onalytica.

According to Madsen, bloggers used Jeff Jarvis' `Dell Hell' Web site to collaboratively spread negative comment about Dell's customer service, so weakening Dell's reputation where the company used to be so strong...