US store chain investigates possible card fraud

Sam's Club, a US store chain, has launched an investigation after around 600 Visa/MasterCard cardholders reported fraudulent charges appearing on their accounts.

What's interesting about the fraud investigation is that the store chain says it seems to have affected cardholders who purchased fuel at some of its stores.

Even more interestingly, the chain says the problem was limited to people using its fuel stations between September 21 and October 2 this year. The company adds that its in-store card processing system was not involved in the fraud.

The investigation, says the company, began when card issuers noted that some cardholders were reporting fraudulent charges on their statements.

The chain admits the investigation is still in its preliminary stages, with no determination on how the data was improperly obtained.

"The primary concern at Sam's Club is the protection of our members," said Mark Goodman, the firm's executive vice president in obvious PR-spin mode.

"We will do everything possible to make sure their private information is protected from unauthorised use or disclosure," he added.

There's a strong suspicion (on my part) that someone within the chain's offices was involved in the scam, as otherwise how could it affect multiple outlets?

I'll bet Sam's Club has a pretty good idea who dunnit, especially as it's issuing press releases at such an early stage in the investigation's progress...