Triple Play - don't take chances

As communication convergence looms over us, I have experienced a very good example of how things can (and often do) go wrong.

Companies are promising reduced costs and enhanced flexibility when you adopt their tri-play or quad-play service, but it can be risky for you to take Internet, telephone and television from one supplier when things go wrong

At my place, I have been deprived of broadband for the fifth day running. I still have my phone – with which I can harass the intermittently available telephone support guy - but imagine if I used a broadband based phone service like Vonage.

The answer, or at least part of the solution, lies in building a resilient and sustainable network. The problem though is that this might increase the cost of your communication infrastructure significantly.

Building a second redundant structure running parallel to the existing one is nothing new. Those working with hardware will be well aware of RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks).

People take insurance to cover risk, so I would probably advise you to take a second analogue telephone line and slap a cheap broadband connection on it from an alternative broadband provider and let it run even if you do not use it frequently.

It will cost you less than having to buy a Service License Agreement, which guarantees connectivity, and if it saves you from the drama I’m having at the moment it will be worth the extra effort.