Card cloning trio jailed

Interesting to read in a Peterborough local newspaper that three card fraudsters have been jailed after they used a series of cloned credit cards to buy some electrical items.

The three Malaysians were jailed at Peterborough Crown Court last week after the court heard how they had bought a series of expensive electrical items at the Queensgate shopping centre

During the trial the court was told how Hock Khoo (44), Soo Tan (43) and Tan Cham (57) were ordered to travel to Peterborough from London on September 15 by a criminal `Mr Big' - who has not yet been caught - to commit the crimes.

Tan was caught out after she tried to use one card but it failed, so she used another to buy three mobile phones costing £350 each.

Suspicious security guards were watching the trio and contacted the police after the Vodafone incident.

What amazed me was the comments of Judge Neil McKittrick, who reportedly told the trio they had travelled up from London and knew the purpose was not sightseeing, or shopping, but stealing.

"Custody is inevitable, but it does not have to be long, because there was a Mr Big behind this," he said, sentencing the trio to sentences of six months.

Does not have to be long?... what kind of message does that send to the card fraudsters?...