FTC celebrates CAN-SPAM progress - should you smile as well?

Spam is still a massive problem. I won't bore you with the stats but spam already represent a huge amount of traffic on the Internet, and it has been the medium of choice for scammers looking to siphon money and more from naive web users.

Two years after the introduction of the CAN-SPAM act, the US Federal Trade Commission has announced that it has made advances against the spammers. Whether this is true in the US remains to be seen, but in the UK the impact seems to have been neglible, even non-existent.

My spam box is always full and I always get more spam than legitimate emails. A worrying trend recently has been the growing number of non-English spam that lands in my spam folder and proves how the menace of spam and associated malware needs to be fought on a global scale, rather than separately by individual countries.

Google, Microsoft and other email service providers should be applauded for being able to clean out so much spam from our mailboxes, whilst still keeping their services essentially free.

The FTC may be gloating over its apparent progress in the fight against spam but, given that spammers and scammers alike have no respect for frontiers, the problem on a global scale is as widespread as ever.