Passport now - ID card later

Having just renewed my passport at a cost of 42 quid, I was less than impressed to discover the cost will rise to 61 quid in December of next year.

I was even less impressed to hear that the cost of the government's ID card program - which was expected to cost a breath-taking £5.6 billion could end up costing £30 billion.

The government has gone on record as saying that it expects an ID card plus passport combo to cost around £100 when it gets around to issuing ID cards in a few years time.

If the costs have increased by a factor of five-plus, then what happens to the application fee?

Probably not a lot - except that taxpayers will end up having to foot the bill for the excess costs.

Which is a complete and utter travesty, especially when you realise that ID cards will probably be forge-able if you have the right equipment, which of, course, Mr Bin Liner and his terrorist pals will almost certainly have.

What a joke...