Your favourite posts from 2005

Well Christmas is almost upon us, which means another year will soon be coming to an end.

As you pause to prepare yourself for the turkey, Christmas pudding and alcohol onslaught, lets take a quick look back at the posts that have got you clicking since we started this blog back in September.

Sony did its best to monopolise the top ten thanks to its DRM rootkit fiasco. With more twist and turns than your average low-grade soap opera, Sony’s inept handling of the controversy signalled a new corporate PR low.

Sony’s DRM ‘rootkit’

Defeating DRM: from marker pen to sticky tape

Next on the list came the news that the much hyped ADSL2+ broadband technology might not deliver the promised speeds of up to 24Mb, unless you happen to live right on top of your nearest exchange.

The 24Mb broadband myth?

The revelation that Intel’s hyperthreading chip technology, rather than actually improving performance, could be having the opposite effect also got you clicking in big numbers.

Hyperthreading performance problems

Ahhh, what would it be like to work for Google? Clearly this must be a dream for many of you given the number that clicked to find out to what lengths the search engine giant will go to in order to keep its staff happy.

Google’s Golden Rules

Now, unless you’ve become a hermit over the past year, you can’t fail to have missed the hype surrounding Web 2.0 - despite the fact that no one seems able to describe exactly what the term actually stands for. This small matter aside, AJAX, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is driving many changes of the web with its use in innovative web application such as Google maps.

Will Ajax clean-up?

The prospect of saving a few pennies by picking up a second-hand Microsoft software license or two also piqued your interest.

Cheap second-hand software licenses for sale

Completing your top ten were an innovative new use for wi-fi networks

Wi-fi mosquito killer

The dual core desktop duel that saw AMD wipe the floor with rival Intel

AMD knocks out Intel

And last, and by no means least, come the budding entrepreneurs from Turkey who came up with this stunning iPod imposter

iPod imposter

Thanks for reading, have a great Christmas and we’ll back with more posts next week.

Best wishes from all of us at ITproPortal.