Labour and Conservatives to cooperate on FOSS?

Britain’s two biggest political parties may argue intensely over most issues, but it seems some kind of harmony is threatening to break out when it comes to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), as reported by Bruce Byfield’s for Newsforge.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli delivered a seminar on Open Source in Government, earlier this month, to members of the British Assembly, political lobbyists, as well as members of the main political parties in the UK. A group that was formed out of the conference is preparing a proposal for the Department of Constitutional Affair's Transforming Public Services’ discussion paper, to be submitted early February.

Little did Dr. Al-Ubaydli know though that most of the audience would already be well versed in open source and apparently enthusiastic about the whole concept of FOSS, and eager to push it through as far as their departments were concerned.

The United Kingdom is significantly behind European's leading FOSS front runners like France, Germany or Holland, which explains why seminars like this one are welcomed.

You can find full coverage of the conference and the presentation of Al-Ubaydli over at Newsforge.