Store your card details online? No way Jose!

It's been a quiet week here at Gold mansions, so I've been doing a little ordering of goodies online.

Almost without exception, I've been encouraged by the online majors to to store my card details for future use. The WH Smith site, in fact, doesn't even give you a choice, which is why I ended up paying a quid more for the book from Tesco.

I may be paranoid, but I simply won't allow my card details to be stored by Web sites. Why? Just look at what's happened over at the Marriott time-share division in the US, where the company has lost a tape with personal details of around 206,000 of its customers.

According to The Register, the tape has the credit card details and social security numbers of its customers.

Incredibly, Marriott claims it will take specialist equipment to read the data from the tapes. Yeah, like the criminal fraternity don't have access to this type of kit...