Customer service: an example of what not to do

Ranting about things is not something I particularly fancy doing, but sometimes things turn out so bad that one way to let the pressure off is to write about it. "Cathartic" some would say.

2006 started in the worst way possible for me but it could get much worse . My broadband service provider is probably going to be given the last rites at any moment. I am currently finishing biting my nails down to the cuticles.

My road to hell started six months back when I snapped off the umbilical cordon that linked me to AOL broadband and embarked on the e7even shuttle, paying them £270 for a 24 month contract.

In hindsight, some might say that I was foolish to pay in advance. I guess I was obsessed by price at the time. I have made a mental note to never buy so cheap again.

Do I regret my decision? Yes, but on the upside I've learnt to become compassionate and more patient in life. Secondly, had it not been for e7even affair, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.

I won't go into details about my ordeal but the final straw came when all the three dial up numbers that e7even or e7broadband (or whatever new name they adopted) provided me with as a gesture of goodwill after my broadband went kaput, stopped responding and returned a "invalid user name and/or password" message.

This can be simply translated as: "We've screwed all of our customers, Happy New Year".