Florida spammer gets monster damages claim

I was pleased to see that a lawsuit against James McCalla, a spammer based in Florida - who was alleged to have generated in excess of 280 million spam messages - has succeeded.

The lawsuit, from CIS Internet Services, a US Internet service provider, has resulted in a damages award of 6.5 billion pounds.

The decision also requires McCalla not to access the Internet for the next three years.

Yeah, but no, but... 6.5 billion pounds? That's a flip of a lot of money in anyone's books...

My old mate Graham Cluley over at Sophos agrees, and noted in a press release earlier today that the judgement is "undoubtedly the biggest we have ever heard of."

Robert Kramer, the owner of CIS, meanwhile, said that he thought it was unlikely that he would ever see any of the judgement money. I think that's a dead, 100 per cent ABSOLUTE certainty as McCalla will probably declare bankruptcy.

I mean, you'd probably do the same if some tabbed you for 6.5 billion pounds.

Only in the United States could this happen...