Nigerian scammers hitting on Skype users

So there I was, tapping away on the PC over the weekend, when a Skype message came up, asking me if I wanted to add Ezy to my contacts list.

Being intrigued I said yes, only to receive an Instant Message from a large lady in Nigeria, who started a conversation along, er, sexual lines.

`I should be so lucky,' I thought, tapping in some innocuous replies.

Within a few messages, the `conversation' turned to making money and Ezy explained how she was trying to get a significant sum of money out of Nigeria and needed my help.

Whilst this was going on, I trace-routed her IP address to the Netherlands. When I confronted the lady with this info., the connection was broken.

Chatting with a few pals in the industry, it seems that the scamsters are turning to media other than email to entice punters into so-callled ` forward fees' scams, better known as 419 fraud.

This is the first time I've encountered a fraudster in a live instant messaging environment. Even with my experience of reporting on frauds, it's still quite scary to be conversing directly with a 419-er...