Sky TV via broadband - almost...

I noticed that Sky has pre-announced its plans to launch a TV over broadband service later this week.

Being inquisitive, I zoomed on over to the Sky broadband Web site and downloaded the monster 49.6 megabyte software and started installing it this morning.

The software then suggested I needed to upgrade the digital rights management (DRM) component of Windows Media Player. I did this - twice, as it appears to be a two-stage process.

A couple of reboots later, my security software and firewall went off the scale, with Verisign digital certificates spraying all over the show.

You can also forget about using a firewall with the service, which isn't even live. There are also components of the service that try to peer your PC with other Sky via broadband users, effectively turning your PC into a server!

The fact that the Sky via broadband service isn't a live streaming facility as Sky originally promised, and the fact that it - allegedly - compromises the security of user's PC makes it doomed to failure in my humble opinion.

Come on Sky - you CAN do better than this!!