Open source community is no longer for geeks only

There's some interesting reading on Newsforge about the fact that the open source community is still wary of black suit, non-tech-savvy, non-geeky businessmen doing business AND earning good money with open source software.

Author Tina Gasperson, a self confessed former Linux bigot, acknowledges that as more and more people convert to the open source religion, the former outcast geek community is gradually losing its identity.

This is not necessarily a bad thing since, in the grand scheme of things, the advancement of open source, rather than simply one's own distro, should be the kind of stuff you look forward to.

And I have a confession for you. Even though I write about open source, I've never installed a stand alone Linux operating system - the only time I have installed a Linux distro was on top of Windows and the distribution was called WinLinux. This goes to prove that you do not have to be a fully fledged "aficionado" of the open source movement to support it.

The mere fact of using Firefox, or indeed any open source software, makes you de facto a member of the open source software community.

If you want to know more about open source and Linux in particular, it is never too late to try them. Knoppix and Damn Small Linux are both available as a LiveCD, which you can run without the need to install the software.