Private eye fined £1,200

A private eye from Croydon is reported to have been fined £1,200 and given a one year conditional discharge last week, after he pleaded guilty to unlawfully disclosing someone's bank account details.

According to press reports, the Information Commissioner's Office prosecuted one David Sibley of Kent under Section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1998, after he relayed the personal data back to client firm of solicitors.

Excuse me? What on earth do people expect private detectives to do? Stay within the letter of the law? I don't think so.

If I got a penny for every time someone asked me - as someone working in the IT security industry - for details of a `good' private eye, I'd... well, I'd... have at least £134.77 in the bank.

Any private eye worth his/her salt can get bank account details - and a whole lot more. And usually from a `mate' in the local copshop. Allegedly...

So what is the Information Commissioner doing prosecuting the private eye for such actions? Perhaps they should prosecute the copper or bank that released the information in the first place.

Talk about hypocritical...