Keylogger causes Florida woman severe problems

Reports just in from Florida suggest that a PC-savvy woman from Jacksonville has been infected with malware that changed her passwords etc., on her eBay and Yahoo accounts, even though she was very cautious.

It seems that Joy Mills, who had security software on her PC, realised that her account passwords were being changed when she couldn't gain access to them.

After her eBay account was hacked, she emailed sellers whom she had `bid' for goods from, advising them of the account hack, but one seller had already shipped a Playstation to Indonesia, thinking her feedback was okay.

It turns out thar Ms Mills was the victim of a keylogger trojan, and her accounts were being hacked by persons unknown in the Asia-Pacific region.

It's hacker break-ins like this that make you stop and wonder if your own PC defences really are strong enough...