Obscene emails - where, where?

I couldn't help but smile at the mighty Graham Cluley's latest warning to the industry about the Nyxem-D worm - aka VB.bi and Blackmal.E - which spreads itself with the promise of obscene pictures and sex movies.

Okay, I'll admit I have more than a passing interest in the female form, but I think I worked past getting excited at pictures of neked laydees when I was at school.

Or am I just jaded?

But seriously, folks - emails that promise piccies of neked laydees don't really excite me, mainly because there's so much dang porn on the Internet already!

I suspect that, for most male Net users, this is equally the case.

Anyway, the bad news is that Nyxem-D worm attempts to disable a number of anti-virus and firewall products, and then attempts to harvest other email addresses from the host PC, in an effort to spread itself further.

Senor Cluley (for it he) says: "Companies should educate their users to practice safe computing - that includes never opening unsolicited email attachments and discouraging the sending and receiving of joke files, pornography and screensavers."

I'll put it more simply: Brain first, todger second!...