Just because you're paranoid...

Research from Panda Software suggests that only a small percentage of malware `out there' on the Internet can be classified as traditional viruses.

The vast majority, the anti-virus firm says, are used for financial gain.

I think Panda could be right, as I've been analysing some of the malware trying to hit my computer systems over the last month and, time after time, the various high risk trojans are advert routers that try and subvert my searches and general Web surfing.

You may not have heard of Panda. They're not that big in the UK, but are well thought of in the US, especially in their home market of California.

According to Luis Corrons, Panda Software's director, traditional viruses "have reached rock bottom this year."

"The motivation of virus writers is usually fame, whereas creators of Trojans and worms are inspired by profit," he explained.

Panda says that, of the new threats detected in 2005, 42 per cent were Trojans, 26 per cent were bots, 11 per cent were backdoor Trojans, 8 per cent were dialers, 6 per cent were worms and 3 per cent were types of adware and spyware...


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