UK cardholders still waiting on chip and PIN

Following on from my wibble yesterday about my new Amex Blue card not being chip and PIN enabled, it seems that I am far from alone.

According to a survey carried out by Retail Decisions, more than 40 per cent of adults in the UK are still waiting for all of their debit and credit cards to be converted over from a signature authorisation system.

Furthermore, nine per cent of people, says the company, have no chip and PIN card at all.

This is despite the fact that the Association of Payment Clearing Services (Apacs) claims that 127 million out of 141 million cards in the UK are now chip and PIN enabled.

Retail Decisions, meanwhile, claims there is a significant minority of consumers being denied the protection of chip and PIN. In total, the group found that 59 per cent of consumers have had all their signature cards replaced with chip and PIN ones.

Just wait until February 14 - I reckon the *&%^ will hit the fan about the chip and PIN program on that date...l