Virus levels low; spam at an all-time high

Figures just released by SoftScan, one of Scandinavia's managed email security services, show that the incidence of viruses during January were down to a low of 0.53 per cent. Spam, however, was quite high at an incredible 87.09 per cent.

SoftScan says that two pieces of malware are of interest this month, namely Nyxem and Brepibot.

Nyxem, the firm notes, has received a lot of media attention because of its destructive payload due on the 3rd February, but SoftScan's figures suggest that the levels of infection in the UK and the majority of Europe are very low.

Brepibot, however does seem to be targeting the UK specifically and, to a lesser degree. the US. The virus, says the company, is spammed out as a request for the recipient to check the article and photo for editorial content before it is used in a high profile publication such as the Guardian's Business section.

The top five viruses for January, says SoftScan, were:

1. netsky: 30.96 per cent

2. phishing: 29.00 per cent

3. mytob: 17.61 per cent

4. html.iframe: 5.59 per cent

5. sober: 5.08 per cent

Nyxem was in 6th position and Brepibot 15th...