Dell and Google - An unlikely couple

The screenshot below is something you may not have seen before, the Dell Start Page. This is supposed to be an all in one browser page where you can grab Dell content, like games and software, get weather and news information, and even access your email account - Gmail only for now. Not ground breaking but Google got Dell to do it, and have it hosted at a Google URL.

Whether this is just a one off, or a signs of things to come is a moot point but lets allow our imagination to run a little bit and do a harmless bit of speculating.

There are rumours - as always with Google – that the search engine giant is readying to launch its own Linux based desktop operating system.

Should this OS materialise it doesn't take long to figure out how Dell AND Google could eventually get a steady stream of revenues at the expense of Bill Gates and Microsoft, dealing a massive blow to the Redmond giant.

Dell, in its incessant quest to decrease prices, could offer a solution/platform whereby Google provides users with the operating system and the applications for free, and the revenues obtained through advertising and affiliate schemes are then shared between Dell and Google.

Of course, this initial collaboration could just be another smoke screen from Google and Dell to confuse everyone. Still, this is the most concrete example yet of how Google’s huge presence in the market is being felt by everyone including hardware manufacturers as massive as Dell.