F-Secure in a tizzy over spoofed emails

F-Secure has issued a press advisory, telling everyone that thousands of virus-infected emails are now floating about, purporting to be from a non-existent F-Secure employee called "David Adams, Dept. Research, F-Secure Development."

The email addresses used in the attack included press@f-secure.com, info@f-secure.com and editor@f-secure.com. Perhaps worse, the emails contained a new variant of the Breplibot worm called W32/Breplibot.ae.

As you'd expect, the emails never even originated from F-Secure's network, and have been spoofed by a person or persons unknown.

Poor old F-Secure. The IT security company is one of the longest-running in the industry. which is perhaps why the company has been targeted by this latest Breplibot worm.

Despite this, F-Secure appears to be sanguine enough not to make any editorial comment about the spoofed emails in its press release.

Which impresses me no end and demonstrates F-Secure's professionalism, which is something I've admired for more than a decade...