Paypal security? - you're having me on...

She who must be obeyed (SWMBO) has recently set up a Web site to sell knick-nacks and, to help her, last month I created a Paypal instant purchase button system for the site.

To make things extra-kosher, I set up a company-linked Paypal account (you must be potty - Ed), and went though through the bank verification process, which involved tapping in the Web site and details of our company bank account.

Only problem is, Paypal cocked things up and transposed the name of the company and the Web site. This means that the direct debit account holder details were clearly wrong.

The two verification payments have nonetheless gone through and the direct debit in favour of Paypal is now operational.

Just to make life interesting, I've used my credit card to verify the account with Paypal (my wife has a different surname) and Paypal cheerfully accepted it. They'll even dib the card with charges if I ask them nicely.

This entire episode tells me a lot about Paypal's security. And that's before I start talking about the bank...