Identity theft on the rise

So the government has finally twigged that ID theft is on the increase have they?

I could have told them that a couple of years ago, as the level of mail interception has definitely been on the increase, as witnessed by the requirement of most estate agents that they accompany you when looking at flats and houses for sale.

Chatting with an estate agent pal a few weeks ago, it's now accepted industry practice to `vet' visitors to high end houses and flats up for sale, usually by visiting sites such as and paying 20 pence or so to verify that people's claimed credentials check out.

This type of ID checking isn't 100 per cent watertight, of course, but it does give you a chance to weed out potential fraudsters.

It also stops unscrupulous people form taking copies of keys to vacant flats and houses, and then using those premises as a mail drop for fraudulent chequebooks, credit and debit cards.

And you thought identity theft was a simple crime?

It's one of the most complex frauds going. And that's even before you start to think about Enron and other fraud cases!...