Pirate DVD sir?

I was amused to read that police in Burnt Oak, North London - which I've rattled though on the tube on countless occasions - seized 100,000 fake DVDs and arrested three men in connection with a major forgery operation late last week.

According to BBC reports, two Chinese men were arrested in Burnt Oak, north London, and another in Peckham (awlright Del Boy? - Ed)

Police and FAST officials also seized around 200 DVD burners and significant numbers of blank disks during the raids.

I'm not surprised. A couple of years ago, the only place you get your paws on pirate DVDs was Chinatown London and Manchester. Er, allegedly...

These days you can get them - or so it seems - from most independent newsagents and then some.

Myself, and I'm not being funny here, I won't buy pirate DVDs from geezers in the streets or in shops, ad the profits invariably go towards financing drug distribution chains or prostitution rings.

Much fairer then, to download them directly from the Internet. It's still illegal, but this way no-one gets the profit and the movie company still loses out.

(Er - are you sure you want to say that? -Ed)

Seriously though, pirate DVDs are really bad news.

Whenever I've asked the sort of questions you really shouldn't of shops selling such disks, there's always some dodgy geezers behind their sale and that's something I really don't like...