VoIP: Does your firm have the necessary skills?

I noticed an interesting survey of European data and telecoms managers by managed comms solutions provider Nextiraone, which showed that nearly three quarters of the firms did not have the necessary level of Internet Protocol (IP) skills and expertise.

Now that's a gap that cannot be overlooked. It represents both a golden opportunity and a potential pitfall for many organisations out there.

VoIP is one of the essential components of the networked applications used by modern enterprises. Whilst the proverb may warn against putting all your eggs in the one basket, convergence on IP networks does make a compelling business case in the long run.

However, security is also a big Damocles sword hanging over IT admins heads. VoIP, especially when combined with wireless networks, will not only bring about quality of service concerns but also security ones.

“With great power comes great responsibility�?, Spiderman was told during the first movie. Surely, the same will happen when one network handles all your incoming and outgoing data, effectively becoming the lifeblood of your organisation.