The new Skype killer - at least in the UK

Our own security guru, Steve Gold uses it and this morning, I got an email from VoIPCheap about their quest to extend their Voice over IP services to more countries. For those still craving after Skype, VoIPCheap is the real deal for now.

I have been using their analog phone call system,, for nearly a year, as recommended by Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert site, and has been one of the means I’ve used to put my telephone bill on a strict diet.

VoIPcheap is free and you also get a VoIP IN number which means that people can call you from any phone on the planet – Skype makes you pay for it’s equivalent service. Additionally, you can call 27 countries on any regular phone including Australia and Japan. At £9.99 per month, even Vonage does not offer you that.

You only have to download the software and install it on your computer. It is still in beta and I'd advise you to use it for non-business purposes for now. That said, I've never encountered a problem with call18866, if this is a statement of their quality of service.

Skype might have conquered tens of millions but, for now, VoIPCheap has the edge when it comes to value for money.