Malware evolving swiftly says Kaspersky

A report just out from Russia's Kaspersky Lab suggests that, over the last year, malware has been evolving steadily, to the point where a lot of the malware being released is the result of criminal activity.

The study, entitled `Malware Evolution: 2005,' suggests that the overall number of malicious programs increased significantly during 2005, indicating a considerable expansion in the malicious code market.

The rise, says the IT security firm, highlights the fact that the computer underground is becoming increasingly criminalised.

In contrast to Trojans, which have gone through the roof in terms of numbers, the report concludes that the number of worms and viruses has decreased.

This, says the company, is a clear consequence of increasing criminalisation. "Virus writers and malicious users find it far easier to mass mail a Trojan program than to engage in the time consuming and costly development of new worms," it adds.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here...