NTL plugs into BitTorrent

Interesting to hear that NTL is planning to use BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer file sharing technology, to evaluate the high-speed downloads of legal videos in the UK.

According to the telco, using BitTorrent will allow it to maximise the speed at which customers can download movies, without taxing its broadband network too greatly.

Er, hold on a minute. Isn't this the same NTL that got shirty a while back when it customers started using their broadband connections to download large volumes of data?

Talk about hypocritical - mind you, BitTorrent will allow NTL to spread the load on its network a lot more easily, but I can see a lot of NTL users with firewall software getting concerned when alarms start going off about their sharing data with other users.

In fact, I can see NTL hitting real problems with users who are not familiar with the idea of file sharing. And that has to be most of the user base. Can you really see NTL succeeding in persuading broadband punters into lowering their firewalls?

I think not...