DVLA Online - Foolproof or Risky Business?

A visitor to the weblog writes:

"This is slightly off-subject, but has anyone had any experience of re-taxing their vehicle direct with the DVLA over the internet? I tried out this new 'service' to pay for a new tax disc for my bike six weeks ago. The disc was supposed to arrive in the post within five days, but so far nothing. I have complained to them, they have supposedly sent out replacements, but these replacements haven't arrived."

Maybe I've been the subject of identity theft, or even vehicle identity theft. Quick, get me an ID card!

Yes, it seems to me that my local East European postie has grabbed the chance to get his Latvian mate a false number plate, so he can drive his plumbing van around at high speed, through congestions zones, etc with total impunity, leaving my letterbox clogged with brown envelopes from DVLA demanding fines etc. (Which said East European postie will deliver with perfect precision, no doubt.)

Do you think the plod's much vaunted ANPR system will notice the difference between a Ford Transit and a 186bhp sports bike? Or would that need another £20bn spent on IT consultants? "